Are you wearing Julian Harding?

The Environment and Studio

Visit a comfortable environment where there are no barriers between you and the designer in his studio. Deal directly with an award winning craftsman who will repair, remodel or create a new piece of jewellery from scratch.

Save money. There is no middle man, so you get an exclusive, handmade and unique creation! Designed and crafted exclusively for you, we guarantee your piece will cost no more than a mass produced item from a retail jewellery shop.

And if you're planning an overseas trip, don't forget to ask about duty free options which could be available to you!   

Our Offer:

Award Winning Jewellery Designer

Julian has been involved in the Christchurch jewellery industry for over 35 years and has a well-earned reputation as a skilled craftsman - both as an innovative designer and as a creator, and repairer, of fine jewellery.

In 2006, Julian won the accolade of 'Accessories Designer' in the Canterbury Fashion Awards.

Julian has always enjoyed designing and making unique jewellery pieces which capture the true essense of his customers. By providing a personal touch, Julian is genuine in his approach to serving his client's needs. Remodelling and restoration (repair work included) is what Julian loves most. It keeps his skill level current and his creative mind active. He can repair anyting from a teapot to a tiara!